UNetbootin 6.54 Final نرم افزار نصب ویندوز با فلش مموری



UNetbootin 6.54 Final نرم افزاری است که به شما کمک می کند تا بدون تفکر زیاد و از دست دادن وقت، نصب ویندوز را با یک فلش مموری انجام دهید این برنامه فلش شما را فرمت می کند و حال شما میبایست با این نرم افزار فلش خود را Bootable کنید و سپس فایل ایزو را با استفاده از نرم افزار بر روی فلش کپی کنید.

ویژگیهای نرم افزار UNetbootin :
– حجم بسیار کم در قبال کارایی های گسترده
– دارای دو نسخه ویندوز و لینوکس
– سرعت بسیار بالا
– قابلیتBootable کردن فلش مموری شما
– استفاده آسان

 Forget about storing numerous CDs or DVDs with your favorite Linux distributions. With UNetbootin you can quickly and easily install various Linux / BSD distributions and create your own bootable USB drive in a few easy steps.

The application supports installing 40 of the most known distributions, each with numerous versions. You can choose to download the desired OS or, if you already have it, you can supply your own Linux ISO file to be used.

This gives you the possibility to install the desired Linux distribution on a USB drive whether you are connected to the internet or not. Also, this enables you to install your preferred Linux distribution even if it’s not on the list.

For each distribution, UNetbootin shows its homepage, description and install notes, so you are briefed about what it’s all about.

With UNetbootin you can also load or create bootable USB drives with various system utilities like: Parted Magic, FreeDOS, F-Secure Rescue CD etc. Creating a multiboot USB drive or ISO image from where you can boot a Linux distribution or various utilities is also possible.

Besides making a bootable Linux USB drive, UNetbootin also allows you make a “frugal install” of the desired distribution right on your hard drive.

A “frugal install” means that all the files on the ISO image are copied to your hard drive and booted from your HDD the same way they would have been booted from your USB drive or CD.

After choosing the desired Linux distribution you just need to select the USB drive or HDD partition you want to install it on and start the process.

With UNetbootin making your own bootable USB or installing a Linux distribution on your hard drive will no longer be a problem.

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